About Us

Hi! My name is Sharon and I’m the mother of two young children and the inventor of the Tady Tote.

People sometimes ask me…how did you come up with this idea?

Living in Tucson, AZ, there are many days of great weather to enjoy throughout the year. The day the Tady was first imagined was one of those outdoor days. I was at home with my baby girl, feeling a little cooped up, as you sometimes do with little ones because it is often a large endeavor to go out for any reason. Instead of leaving the house, I scooped Sydni up and out to the backyard we went.

As I went outside, I looked around for something on which Sydni could lay and play with toys. Baby Blankets? No, too thin and too pretty to put on the ground. Some of them were for her crib and not at all cushioned enough to be comfortable. A comforter? That seemed perfect because it was spacious with ample cushioning…until considering what it would take to keep it clean. It was too large to launder in washing machine and dry-cleaning would be costly and inconvenient.

I opted for the comforter that day, but decided not to ever use it again. Instead, I dusted off my sewing machine and with my meager sewing skills, made the first ever Tady Tote! It has evolved so much from that first version to the current design. It has become a toy bag, play mat, snugly blanket, and an outdoor comforter, complete with pockets and water resistance. Best of all, stir-crazy moms, like I was that day, can meet at the park or for play dates and mommy groups, or go visit grandma with the convenience of consolidating all that baby gear into one.  Now, your baby has a place to play and nap that is clean, cozy, and comfy. A place to kick their little feet!

Sharon Soloway, Mommy, Designer & Owner